Why you should choose MIRAGE?

Quality of high pressure systems MIRAGE

EIM MIRAGE high pressure industrial cleaning systems comply with current standards and are built with certified quality components.

They are tested and tested to ensure their guarantee and reliability.

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Reliability of high pressure equipment

Our absolute concern is customer satisfaction over the entire life cycle of the product.

And not only in the months following the delivery of your system!

We are constantly working to improve our products, so that they work well, and for a very long time, even in the least favorable conditions.


Our after-sales service supports the guarantee, and can assist you with the preventive and curative maintenance of your systems, the training of the users, or the telephone support.

With more than 30 years of experience, our service is an undeniable strength. This allows you to keep your peace of mind.

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Our experience in the maintenance of high pressure washing systems has allowed us to develop products based on industry standard components, and to design systems that facilitate access to equipment.

This ensures faster and more secure maintenance with peace of mind.

Flexibility of design

Every profession has its uses and specific needs, a meat processing facility can not be treated as a petrochemical plant, a transport company as a building company.

Choosing EIM MIRAGE is choosing a partner who understands you. We can offer you a tailor-made solution to best meet your needs.

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The environment

The use of pressurized water as a real working tool makes it possible to provide cleanliness and hygiene in all sectors of human activity.

Safety of high pressure systems

Numerous safeguards ensure the prevention of the user risk and the protection of the installation in case of malfunctions.

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Simplicity of use

Our systems are designed primarily for the user.

Simple to use, it is most often enough to press the “on” button and start the work!


Our new catalogue is here!

Download it today!

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