The company EIM MIRAGE

In more than 35 years, EIM MIRAGE has developed an expertise in the engineering, manufacturing, and building of high pressure washers and systems for a better environment.

A story of passionate people

Founded in the south of France in the mid-1980s by two passionate industrialists, the company EIM MIRAGE has quickly become a leading French player in high-pressure washing technology for the most demanding professionals and industrials.

Initially, EIM MIRAGE contributed to the development of high-pressure cleaners in France, and offered a repair service.

In the early 1990s, the company began marketing its own washing systems to meet the needs of cleanliness, industrial and community professionals.

The proximity to our customers and years of maintenance service have allowed us to meet the most complex needs, while keeping in mind the sustainability and maintainability of our systems.

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E as in "Environment"

The use of water under pressure as a real working tool makes it possible to provide cleanliness and hygiene in all sectors of human activity.

They are particularly recommended in aggressive and hostile environments.

Other applications of high pressure are possible: stripping, cutting, hydro demolition, weeding, road and airport damage, tag and graffiti removal, tank washing and tags, in short in all sectors of activity or the effect Water mechanics can mechanize or optimize the wash.

What can withstand pressures up to 1500 bars?

I as in "Engineering"

The applications of high pressure are numerous: agriculture, defense, building, energy, industries, logistics and transport, street cleaning, etc.

Each profession has its uses and its specific needs, we can not treat an industrial in the food industry as a petrochemical industry, a carrier as a facade maker.

An adapted analysis of the needs and the elaboration of a solid list of requirements will make it possible to propose a solution that is adapted, operative, effective and economic for the customer.

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M as in "Maintenance"

Think a tool, find a solution, is it enough?

In a context of advanced technology and maximized productivity, we can not conceive of a powerful system without putting at the service at the center of the solution, a training and support structure that is both adapted and multidisciplinary.

Proven technical solutions

EIM MIRAGE high pressure industrial cleaning systems comply with current standards and are built with certified quality components.

They are tested and tested to ensure their guarantee and reliability.

Numerous safeguards ensure the prevention of the user risk and the protection of the installation in case of malfunctions.

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Standard or customized tools

Each cleaning system is a pressurized water production plant.

It can be equipped with specific tools according to the needs: rotating head for the washing of tank or cistern, rotator for the stripping of the EPR, hydro-sandblasting, pipe draining, hydro demolition, hostile environment autonomous system, spraying, counting and startup of a system by a coin or magnetic card, hose reels etc.

EIM MIRAGE is a designer of custom made washing systems. Many prestigious clients entrusted us with the design and the manufacturing of their systems, machines or tools adapted to their activity.

30 years of experience in the sector are a real asset for the future.

Water becomes scarce, therefore, at a major cost for certain business. The use of high-pressure washing is an important source of reduction in water consumption. Especially when combined with the implementation of specially designed equipment and adapted tools.


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