Hot water and steam weeding

Electric thermal weed control systems using steam or hot water without the use of chemicals

Thermal weeding is the most ecological solution

Thermal weeding allows removal of unwanted plants without the use of chemicals to protect the environment and human health.

L’application de vapeur ou d’eau chaude sur les végétaux provoque l’éclatement des cellules.

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Thermal weeding with hot water or steam?

Hot water

The water is heated to a temperature of 90 ° C to 98 ° C.

Well water can be used thanks to our filtration system and anti-scale device with dosing pump.


The water is heated (120 to 160 ° C) and steamed.

Clear waters must be used. Our system has a suitable system.

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Effect of thermal weed control on plants


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The ideal thermal weed control solution for municipalities

Effective to use

Covers the maximum area in a given time interval.

A very robust system

Resists hot water, which is very demanding for hoses, fittings, and seals.

Adapts to the carrier vehicle

Can be installed on the vehicle of your choice.

Saves resources

Minimizes the use of resources (fluids, fuels, etc.)


Our battery system is particularly environmentally friendly.

Ideal autonomy

The system is powered by electric batteries for an autonomy of more than 6 hours.

Technical characteristics of the thermal weeding system


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