Car wash systems

Our light vehicle washing stations are ideal for washing your fleet, or you who wish to set up a self-service washing station.

We manufacture washing stations designed for individuals

MIRAGE designs, manufactures, installs and maintains car wash, washing areas, washing stations, and washing gantries.

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Our washing stations are tailor-made and with endless possibilities

MIRAGE offers many options to customize your washing station.

We design complete systems adapted to your needs, and without limit.

Our washing station is discreet

The compact and discreet washing station can be easily integrated into outdoor accommodation.

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The washing station interface is intuitive

The washing station interface is very easy to use and particularly suitable for the general public.

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Washing stations suitable for the general public

A durable washing station

Systems known for their efficiency of use.

Simple to set up

The integrated system is quickly installed by our team

Easy to use

Very intuitive interface is easy to use for the general public

Economical to operate

Our station is completely self-service and requires no personnel present during use

Plug-n-play: 0 start-up

The installed system is immediately available without adjustment or start-up procedure

Local after-sales support

Our technical team is there to support you during the life of your equipment

Technical characteristics of our typical general public car wash

The information in this section is indicative and should be tailored to your specific needs.


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