Nettoyeurs haute pression professionnels par MIRAGE

Systèmes de lavage haute pression mobiles ou embarqués, autonomes sur utilitaires, camions, amplirolls, ou encore remorque.

Une large gamme de nettoyeurs haute pression pour les pros

Since 1985, MIRAGE designs, manufactures, markets and maintains high pressure washing systems and professional high pressure cleaners.

Our expertise translates into an offer of products and services that adapts perfectly to the needs of professionals.

In this section, we present our high pressure cleaners (mobile, thermal, and stationary), as well as our embedded / autonomous high pressure systems.

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Our range of cleaners covers all the needs of professionals and industry.

In construction, food, agriculture, and a large number of industries, we are here to assist you.

Tell us about your project, we have the solution.

Our professional customers often want to adapt the equipment to their carrier vehicle, and to their own application.

We have designed a range that allows you to install a self-contained high pressure cleaner on your vehicle, and to match it exactly to your needs.

From the trailer to the truck, you can count on us.

We call this PROPRETE+ range.

Why you should choose MIRAGE?

Working with MIRAGE means relying on a trusted player, throughout your decision-making process, as well as during the life cycle of your product.

As a professional, you have no time to lose.

Our sales team is at your disposal and can answer you in a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the complexity of your problem.

Ask for a quote today!

Our technical sales team assists you in choosing the right technical solution for your needs.

We work with more than 3,000 clients in more than 100 different industries: we speak your language.

Whether your need is simple or requires a thorough study, we have probably already met your problem.

It sometimes happens that some of our clients come to MIRAGE to repair or choose new equipment after dissatisfaction with alternative solutions.

Our customers often come back after years of using our product. Having had no problem, they ask us to offer them a new solution, or a revision of the same model.

Ask for a quote today!

MIRAGE offers standard and customized products.

We can offer a product that fits your needs and whose price fits your budget.

If your need is very specific, we can also adapt our system to your application, or design a bespoke system.

When we design a system, we put all the value into the quality of the product.

Have you ever tried to have equipment repaired with proprietary spare parts? Or when you have to pay a fortune to repair the equipment, and wait weeks before an intervention by an expert from the original manufacturer?

At MIRAGE, we have chosen to offer robust and open systems.

They are designed with components that are easy to source. Your maintenance department will be able to use them without training or special tools.

The thing that will surprise your maintenance department is the care given to the accessibility of the different systems and components when you open the hood …

When you put in place a high pressure equipment in your company, the latest thing you’ll want is a incident or an accident!

Have you ever bought an equipment from one of the competitors, and realized that it is difficult to get it repaired once it breaks down the day you really need it? Once you have located a repair shop, you must send your equipment for several weeks to hundreds of kilometers?

At MIRAGE, the service is an essential component of the product!

MIRAGE has a high pressure repair workshop with a competent and responsive staff.

If your application is integrated into a production unit and requires maximum uptime, we can also intervene on site with our maintenance equipment.

MIRAGE has established a network of partner resellers and repair workshops throughout France.

We also intervene upon request abroad.

Do not have any surprises with your material. There is nothing worse than hardware that breaks down when you really need it! We’re here for you.

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