High Pressure for Building and Public Works

MIRAGE offers a complete high pressure cleaner range of standard products and tailor-made solutions for the building and public works sectors

MIRAGE is a partner of choice for high pressure cleaners in the building and public works sectors

The building and public works industries are very demanding for equipment, machinery and site equipment. Their rigorous maintenance ensures them an increased longevity, starting with their washing.

The cleaning of your machines, materials and equipment with our products ensures that you keep your equipment always clean and able to use it longer.

Our mobile solutions are autonomous when your work is far from your base.

For on-site work, the machine power guarantees pressure and flow for maximum efficiency.

Our equipment is designed keeping in mind the difficult conditions that can be found on certain sites, or safety standards.

MIRAGE systems start immediately without complex procedures. With their rapid implementation, you maximize the time of use of your machines and equipment.

Industrie de la Construction

High pressure washing applications for the building and public works sectors

MIRAGE offers solutions for a large number of applications. Here are a few examples.

High pressure washing stations for construction machines, trucks and vehicles

We design, manufacture and maintain washing stations adapted to your needs: tractors, construction machinery, heavy trucks, tanks, concrete mixers

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Combustion engine high pressure cleaners for your site

MIRAGE offers a full range of combustion engine high pressure cleaners with gasoline or diesel, cold water or hot water, and adapted for the building and public works sector.

Mobile electric high pressure cleaners for your site

MIRAGE offers a full range of high pressure electric, cold water and hot water high pressure cleaners suitable for the building and public works sector.


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