Boost your career with MIRAGE

Are you looking for an ambitious mission at a fast growing company?

Do you want to make an impact on the Environment and our economy?

At EIM MIRAGE, we have cultivated for over 30 years a passion for high pressure, in order to improve the footprint of human activity on the Environment.

Joining our family means being the agent of change, by participating in the creation of products that our customers will love, and in the actions that allow our vision to come true.

By joining our team of 10 employees, you will have great responsibility, strong independence, and the guarantee of having a significant impact on the performance of the company.

Une carrière dans un environnement idéal dans le Sud de la France

Work in an ideal setting in the south of France

Located in Agde (Hérault) in a beautiful region with an ideal climate, you have the possibility of combining the development of your career with a good work-life balance.

une carriere dans le sud de la france

Are you our next team mate?

In order to find innovative solutions to the problems of our customers, we work every day to question ourselves. If you identify with the following values, we probably share the same desire:

  • You put the customer first and want their satisfaction,
  • You are curious, and learn every day,
  • You have the desire to do excellent quality work,
  • You have the ability to challenge yourself and participate in change,
  • You want to contribute to the collective effort of our team.
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Internships, work-study programs, field missions ...

With a long culture of internships, our team regularly surrounds itself with interns who wish to carry out missions having a real impact on the development of society. We encourage requests in the following areas:

  • New product design (3D CAD)
  • Quality improvement
  • Commercial development / Sales
  • Web marketing
Stage en Entreprise Mirage


We currently have no job offers, but you can still send us an application.

Offre d'emploi chez EIM MIRAGE

Spontaneous applications

Do not hesitate to send us your application here, we will contact you.

EIM MIRAGE Candidature Spontanée


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